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Surface Dynamics Lab Extending Skills in Electricity and Magnetism – Tutorials and Exercises

Developed by:

Tom Dickinson and Steve Langford

Physics and Astronomy Department

Washington State University

Contact:  Tom Dickinson,



The purpose of these pages is to provide free access to modules that can help students extend their knowledge, understanding, and problem solving skills in Electricity and Magnetism at the Undergraduate Junior Senior Level.  The classic textbook, Griffiths: Introduction to Electrodynamics, sets the level of these exercises.


The Mathematica Notebooks below are Modules treating topics from Griffiths Introduction to Electrodynamics in the chapters indicated.

To download simply click on the titles

To view and execute you need to have a somewhat recent version of Wolfram’s Mathematica.  (Student Versions are fairly inexpensive.)

Mathematica Tutorials


There are tons of Mathematica tutorials on the web.  Wolfram has several at their site (  The free ones should suffice.

This might be a good place to start:

Here are some videos:

(Start with the Hands On Start to Mathematica series–I recommend that you open a notebook and do every step they show in the video.)


Here are some homebrew tutorials in the form of Mathematica Notebooks to get you started (there may be some repetition):

Mathematica Tutorial ONE

Mathematica Tutorial TWO

Mathematica Tutorial THREE

Mathematica Tutorial FOUR

Mathematica Tutorial FIVE


Currently the files below are all Mathematica Notebooks and pdf files for simple viewing.  Click on the link to download.


Student Versions present Questions and Tasks (without solutions & code).  Often, some hints and tutorial materials are included.
Chapter 2:  Electrostatics








Chapter 3   Potentials












Chapter 4  Electric Fields in Matter






Chapter 5  Magnetostatics