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Department of Plant Pathology Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory

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Opportunities in the Tanaka lab

Postdoctoral researchers

We welcome postdoc researchers with an interest in molecular plant pathology to understand key aspects of innate immune sensing and signaling during plant-pathogen interactions. We are interested in postdocs with a wide variety of skills in molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry. In initial enquiries, please indicate what project you could develop in our lab and how your background experience would contribute to the work of our group. The description must include a well-defined approach and outcome. The successful applicant should have demonstrated excellent communication skills and can described clearly what biological problem you will address and how your idea fits with the overall research theme ongoing in our group. We encourage applicants to apply for their eligible funding. Some potential sources for funding are: LSRF, NSF PRFB, NSF SEES Fellows, USDA AFRI ELI fellowships, and Human Frontier Science Program.

Graduate students

Graduate students in our lab will study plant-microbe interactions with a focus on cellular dynamics of immune responses in model plants and crops. Through the projects, students will be offered a broad range of training in the advanced technologies, e.g., molecular cloning, gene expression analysis, cellular signaling measurements, as well as genetic transformation. Students will be further trained in the formulation of questions and the design of studies to develop hypothesis driven research aimed at understanding plant-microbe interactions. Students with excellent research experience in plant molecular biology, molecular genetics and/or biochemistry are strongly encouraged to apply. Please contact us by sending a CV and a brief description of research experience and interests. Potential graduate students can apply through the graduate program offered at Department of Plant Pathology or Molecular Plant Science Program. While I typically fund students through our research grants, we strongly encourage prospective students to pursue their own funding opportunities. This will provide you with you experience developing a research proposal while potentially funding your research idea. Some potential sources for funding are: NSF GRFP, FFAR Fellows, And USDA AFRI EWD.

Undergraduate students

We are always interested in undergraduate students who are willing to spend at least 12 hours/week and pursue research in our lab. Students must have a strong interest in molecular biology and biochemistry of plant-microbe interactions. We will give a big welcome to students who have a strong motivation and good work ethic. There are many ways to join in our lab such as volunteering, work-study, research for credit (PL_P 499), and the Honors thesis program. Please contact us for further information. We encourage prospective students to present their research at WSU Summer Symposium and SURCA.

High school students and teachers

We also welcome high school students and teachers for summer research in our lab. Please contact us for further information.