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Department of Psychology Tech4Aging

Communication Tools

Computer Access Device

keyboard with large print keys.Keywords: keyboard with large print keys, enlarged print keyboard

Price: $$

Additional Information: Enlarged print stickers can also be placed on a regular keyboard.
alternative mouse.Keywords: alternative mouse, trackpad

Price: $$

Additional Information: Various models available including trackballs and joysticks.
talking barcode scanner.Keywords: talking barcode scanner

Price: $$$$

Additional Information: Smartphone apps are also available.
speech-to-text software.Keywords: speech-to-text software

Price: $$

Additional Information: Smartphone apps are also available.
text-to-speech software.Keywords: screen reader software

Price: $$$

Price Guide

Communication Enhancement Tools

voice amplifier.Keywords: voice amplifier, voice projector

Price: $$$
video and voice chat software.Keywords: video and voice chat software

Price: often free

Additional Information: Accessible via computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Communication Aid

communication bracelet.Keywords: communication bracelet

Price: $

Additional Information: Several different themed bracelets available.
communication book.Keywords: communication book

Price: $
communication wallet.Keywords: communication wallet

Price: $ - $$

Additional Information: Symbols can be changed flexibly.
communication board.Keywords: communication board

Price: $

Additional Information: Various themed boards are available and can be customized.