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Medication Management Tools

Management Tools

medication schedulerKeywords: medication scheduler, medication schedule chart, medication visual guide

Price: $

Additional Information: Smartphone and tablet apps are also available.
hand-held magnifier.Keywords: hand-held magnifier, electronic magnifier

Price: $

Additional Information: Some magnifiers have built-in LED lighting to increase visibility.
magnified pill cutter.Keywords: magnified pill cutter

Price: $

Price Guide

Pill Organizers

weekly pill box.Keywords: weekly pill box

Price: $

Additional Information: Daily, monthly, and travel holders are available.
medication slide indicators.Keywords: medication slide indicators

Price: $
pill box alarm.Keywords: pill box alarm, medication dispenser alarm/alert

Price: $ - $$

Additional Information: Also available with vibrating alarms.
talking alarm clock.Keywords: talking alarm clocks, talking medication reminder

Price: $

Additional Information: Can be used in conjunction with monthly medication organizer.
automatic pill dispenser.Keywords: automatic pill dispenser

Price: $ - $$$$

Additional Information: Some dispensers include free monitoring services.


reminder watch.Keywords: reminder watch, watch alarm, medication reminder watch

Price: $$

Additional Information: Vibrating alarms and reminders smartphone apps are also available.