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Department of Psychology Tech4Aging

Daily Living

Dressing & Grooming Aids

button hook.Keywords: button hook, zipper pull

Price: $
dressing stick.Keywords: dressing stick, dressing aid, big hook

Price: $

Additional Information: Reachers can also perform similar functions.
sock pull.Keywords: sock pull, easy-pull sock aid

Price: $

Additional Information: Various models are available.
long shoe horn.Keywords: long shoe horn, long handled shoe horn

Price: $
elastic shoelaces.Keywords: elastic shoelaces

Price: $

Price Guide

Cooking and Eating

 Lazy Susan.Keywords: Lazy Susan

Price: $

Additional Information: Pull out shelves are also available for easy access of items.
reacher, grabber.Keywords: reacher, grabber, arm extender, extension reacher

Price: $
 jar & bottle opener.Keywords: jar & bottle opener

Price: $

Additional Information: Different openers are available for a variety of objects.
faucet with lever.Keywords: faucet with lever

Price: $$$ - $$$$

Additional Information: Foot activated, timed, and motion sensor faucets are available.
Swedish cutting board.Keywords: Swedish cutting board

Price: $ - $$
rocking knife.Keywords: rocking knife

Price: $
pan handle holder.Keywords: pan handle holder, pan handle safety holder

Price: $
cooking basket.Keywords: cooking basket

Price: $
long sleeve oven mitt.Keywords: long sleeve oven mitt

Price: $
kitchen trolley.Keywords: kitchen trolley, rolling cart

Price: $ - $$
scoop bowl.Keywords: scoop bowl

Price: $
universal cuff.Keywords: universal cuff

Price: $

Additional Information: Large grip utensils are also available.

Toilet and Bathing

raised toilet seat.Keywords: raised toilet seat

Price: $

Additional Information: Dark colored toilet seats are available to enhance contrast. 3-in-1 commodes also perform similar functions.
bidet.Keywords: bidet

Price: $ - $$$$

Additional Information: While some are relatively easy to install, others may require professional installation.
foot pedal for flushing toilet.Keywords: foot pedal for flushing toilet, foot pedal flush, foot flush

Price: $

Additional Information: Motion sensors are also available for hands free flushing
grab bar.Keywords: grab bar, bathroom railing

Price: $ - $$

Additional Information: Proper Installation required. Portable grab bars are also available.
adjustable height shower head.Keywords: adjustable height shower head

Price: $ - $$$

Additional Information: Anti-scalding faucets can also be installed.
Shower chair.Keywords: Shower chair, bath chair, bathtub transfer chair

Price: $

Additional Information: Bath lifts can be used to transfer a person in and out of a bath safely.