Impact of COVID-19 on expectant mothers and infants

pregnant woman

The uncertainties associated with pregnancy leads to stress and anxiety in many women. The arrival of COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions undoubtedly exasperate these fears. Drs. Smith and Burduli along with nearly a dozen other WSU researchers formed the COVID‑19 Infant and Maternal Health Research Collaborative to better understand the impact of COVID 19 on pregnant and post-partum women. This interdisciplinary collaborative effort is positioned to address the impact of COVID-19 on the health outcomes of expectant mothers, babies, and their families as they continue to cope with the compounding stressors during these unprecedented times. A wide range of projects seek to address critical questions such as identifying stressors that are having the biggest impact on the health outcomes of mothers and their babies to understanding the effect a COVID-19 infection has on overall breastmilk composition. The researchers hope to use a data driven approach to inform the public and policy makers as they continue to navigate uncharted waters.

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