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College of Education



  • Implementing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as educational tools
  • Creating fun teacher and student friendly videos to support inclusive uses of technology
  • Connecting technology to the Universal Design for Learning guidelines
  • Interactive Virtual Reality Games to increase physical activity/exercise in individuals with Developmental Disabilities
    • Read our 2019 article in the Journal of Special Education Technology, located under Publication tab.
  • Augmented Reality applications as Assistive Technologies for academic skills.
  • Augmented Reality applications for functional independent living skills.
  • Walking Spaces research with the Microsoft Hololens.
  • Virtual Reality stories for students with Autism
  • Virtual Reality Science Labs
  • Virtual Reality Science Education for students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Wearable EEG devices to support Mindfulness (MUSE headset)

Dr. McMahon presenting on mediated reality continuum.
Pictured above; Dr. Don McMahon presenting on the reality continuum.