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College of Education



The resources of the ATRD Lab provide unique benefits to the WSU Community to conduct research in special education, gain expertise in assistive technology, and the preparation of future leaders in these fields. Partnerships with local and regional school systems are already in place to support access to students with disabilities and locations to implement the AT interventions developed.

The Lab is home to a growing collection of tools for augmented reality, virtual reality, and other wearable devices. In addition, the Lab Director, Dr. McMahon, is building relationships with leaders in emerging technology fields. For example, the lab had early developer access to VirZoom, an interactive virtual reality exercise platform where users pedal a stationary bike to interact with an immersive VR exercise game. Dr. McMahon represented the ATRD Lab as a credentialed industry expert at the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show.

Pictured above: Amanda McMahon, Doctoral Student in Prevention Science.


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