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College of Education


Outreach Events

Cougs Rise, Summer 2019

This program encourages incoming WSU students to have a smoother transition from high school to the university level. There is assistance in applying for financial aid, selecting classes, and finding a place to live, etc. In addition, Dr. Don McMahon hosted an event for these students called “Hacking Learning” to help each student find ways to support their undergraduate education through the introduction of many helpful tools that are listed below:

  • iCloud storage
  • Saving written work
  • Tips for learning management systems
  • Using mobile devices to support their own learning
  • How to locate interactive simulation apps that are connected to their course work
  • Emerging technology tools related to their areas of study through AR/VR.

Okinawa Summer Program, Summer 2019 

Every year, WSU sponsors a summer exchange program for high school students from Okinawa, Japan. The ATRD Lab sponsored one day of AR/VR discovery experiences to help these 70 students learn more about immersive learning tools such as augmented and virtual reality.

Geared Up Brain Camp, Summer 2019

9th through 11th grade students from the Tri-Cities were being introduced to the way the brain operates at the camp their local high school put together called, “Geared up”. The lab’s job was to help students learn more about the operations and functions of the brain through the use of AR/VR implementation. We incorporated applications with HTC Vive’s, Oculus Go’s, iPads, Muse Meditation, and the Hololens.

Pullman Regional Hospital Innovation Summit, Fall 2019 

At the annual innovation summit this year, the ATRD lab team presented Dr. Don McMahon’s idea on using VR to help reduce patient anxiety and fear while in the medical atmosphere. The hospital adopted this idea by using Oculus Go’s for patients in their facilities, and have already purchased 6 in total. The lab’s role at the summit was to showcase this thoughtful idea and let people try VR for themselves, while also providing helpful tips and tricks for the hospital to get started using their new Go’s!

Pictured above from left to right: Caleb Sordelet,
Dr. Don McMahon
and Mykala Anglin.