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Dr. Robert Catena's Gait and Posture Biomechanics Lab

Research environment

Our research environment includes everything needed to undertake and successfully complete research of dynamic balance control. The GPB Lab is located in the northwest basement of Smith Gym (rooms 19 and 21). Our total space in over 3000 sqft, with an 800 cubic ft motion capture volume. We have a dedicated lab parking spot just outside the lab.

We are adjacent to the Kinesiology Program and athletic facilities. Faculty of Kinesiology have expertise in biomechanics (Dr. Catena), exercise physiology, motor control, sport psychology, and strength and conditioning. These faculty regularly collaborate with researchers across the WSU campus and outside of WSU.

GPB Lab Equipment

  • 11-camera MotionAnalysis motion capture system. This camera system is capable of high speed tracking of passive markers placed on the body, with accuracy under 1 mm.
  • Tobii Mobile Eye Tracker 2
  • Isokinetic International KinCom isokinetic dynamometer.
  • Three Kistler portable forceplates. These  50 cm x 60 cm portable force platforms are capable of measuring forces up to 5000 N with percision needed in balance study.
  • Lifespan professional treadmill
  • 8-channel Delsys electromyography capable of measuring surface muscle electrical activity.
  • Anthropometry equipment. 1 Lafayette chest depth caliper. 1 Lafayette small anthropometer. 1 Rosscraft Campbell 20 caliper. Several tape measures. 1 Charder portable stadiometer. 1 Detecto PD100 Doctor Scale. 1 NB4400 Najo Sports Backboard.


For an interactive map go to this link:

Phone: (509) 335-4250          Email:          Location: Smith Gym 19 and 21, Pullman WA 99164-1410