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Dr. Robert Catena's Gait and Posture Biomechanics Lab

Altered mechanics in downhill running

A trip and fall while running downhill can lead to serious injuries. To study the modifications that individuals make to control balance in downhill running we are currently examining running kinematic changes that take place as running slope changes. We are also determining ways to quantify continuous dynamic balance in tasks with periodic flight phases, where one is not in contact with the ground. To date, we have found that kinematic changes start and the ankle and progress up the lower extremity has slope becomes steeper. We have presented some of our results and are currently writing up our findings for publication.

Catena RD, Ivanovic N, Gudat SO, Yoshida Y. (2013). Alterations to lower extremity kinematics during downhill running. Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society meeting. Cincinnati, OH.

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