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Dr. Robert Catena's Gait and Posture Biomechanics Lab
NameGraduation yearDegreePlans after graduation
Kelly Nansen2016M.S., Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineer, Engineer and Scientist Development Program (ESDP), Naval Air Weapons Station. (China Lake, California)
Molly Sullivan2016B.S., KinesiologyThomas Jefferson University, Occupational Therapy
Connor Wolcott2017B.S. honors, KinesiologyApplying to medical schools
Alexa Werner2017B.S., KinesiologyArmy-Baylor, Physical Therapy
Kendall Iverson2017B.S., KinesiologyWest Coast University, Physical Therapy
Alexis Thode2017B.S., KinesiologyNorthwestern Health Sciences University, Chiropractor
Kendra McGeorge2017B.S., KinesiologyApplying to graduate schools
Daniel Flores2017B.S., KinesiologyPacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, Osteopathic Medicine
Shawn Marion2018B.S., KinesiologyDes Moines University, Physical Therapy