Basic Interest Markers (BIMs)

Copyright © 2008 Hsin-Ya Liao, Patrick Ian Armstrong, and James Rounds

Reference and Permission to Use

Basic Interest Markers (BIMs) are copyrighted by Hsin-Ya Liao, Patrick Ian Armstrong, and James Rounds. Permission to use BIMs is granted for free to all professionals (researchers and practitioners) if it is used for noncommercial purposes. Appropriate credit should be given to the authors of BIMs:

Liao, H.-Y., Armstrong, P. I., & Rounds, J. (2008). Development and initial validation of public domain Basic Interest Markers [Monograph]. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 73(1), 159-183. (pdf)

BIM Scales and Items

The Basic Interest Markers (Liao et al., 2008) contains 31 scales and 337 items. Below are the BIM scales and items.


This site serves as a clearing house for those who plan to translate the English BIM items into other languages. If you have translated BIM items, or plan to do so, please contact Dr. Liao at Currently, we are aware of the following translated versions of BIM items. Please contact these authors for more information.

  • CHINESE- Simplified (translated by Rong Su at University of Iowa, and Xiaoping Chen at the Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing, China)
  • CHINESE- Traditional (translated by Hsin-Ya Liao at Washington State University, and Changya Hu at National Cheng-Chi University in Taiwan)
  • SPANISH (translated by Julieta Cabrera and Victor Ortuño at the University of the Republic [Universidad de la República or UdelaR] in Uruguay.)

Career Exploration Tools and Resources

  • Interest Items Pool (IIP): The IIP website, initiated by Dr. James Rounds at the University of Illinois, is designed to provide easy access to public-domain vocational interest scales and measures and is available to researchers working on the development of new interest models and interest assessment strategies. This website contains three public-domain interest scales: Basic Interest Markers (BIMs), RIASEC Markers, and O*Net Interest Profiler (IP) Short Form.
  • O*NET® Career Exploration Tools: A set of assessment instruments (interests, values) designed to assist individuals in exploring careers and making career decisions.
  • O*NET® Online: A web application that enables users to get access to detailed descriptions of over 900+ occupations contained in the U.S. world of work, including their work tasks, job requirements, work values and styles, and wage and employment information.
  • International Personality Item Pool (IPIP): The IPIP website, developed by Dr. Lewis R. Goldberg at the Oregon Research Institute, is a scientific collaboratory for the development of advanced measures of personality and other individual differences. The site contains public-domain personality measures and serves as a forum for the dissemination of psychometric ideas and research findings.