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Schultz Research Group Conservation Biology



Dear Prospective Graduate Students,

For Fall 2022, we are seeking a new student to join us to work on experimental field ecology with Oregon silverspot butterfly in coastal Oregon. In addition, we are broadly seeking graduate students of diverse backgrounds as well as students who might be successful in applying for external fellowships such as NSF Graduate Fellowships. We recommend reviewing Ecology Society of America’s guide to graduate school as you navigate the process.

In the Conservation Biology Research Group, we use a population ecology lens to address the ecology of at-risk species and develop conservation and restoration responses to global change. Our work largely focuses on rare butterflies and their habitats in Pacific Northwest prairies as a model system to address broad ecological questions as well as advance conservation on-the-ground.

We expect independence and maturity from  graduate students along with an enthusiasm for their research.  We accept student who are capable of excellent graduate-level research, have a record of prior research experience, have strong quantitative skills and have excellent technical writing skills. Competitive applicants have a high GPAs, strong letters of recommendation, and a record of experience conducting ecological research.

If you are interested in this position, please send an email and include the following

–       A description of your academic and work background, with particular reference to past research experience

–       What types of research questions you would like to address in graduate school

–       Why you want to pursue an MS or PhD

–       Your future goals

–       Your current resume/CV

–       Transcripts and relevant coursework.

–       Anything else you think is important.

Washington State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action educator and employer.  We highly encourage members of under-represented groups to reach out. Learn how to apply to graduate programs at WSU Vancouver.


Cheryl Schultz