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Awards to Ecohydrology Research Group


———-  LAST UPDATED FALL 2018 (life…pandemic…recovering now…) ———-


For Research Grant awards to PI Moffett, see:

Note: Student awards (i.e., awards to anyone other than Moffett) were made to the STUDENT – not to supervisor Moffett.   x denotes award to student based on a competitive research proposal

Washington State University (2015-present)

2020-21        x   Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NWCASC) Graduate Fellowship to Michelle Audie, $51,467, co-advised by Dr. Aaron Ramirez, Reed College. “Decline of western red cedar: a dendroecological investigation of 21st century mortality and identification of potential climate change refugia”

2020-21        x   Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) Fellowship to Dylan Quinn, $25,000. “Prescribed Fire Effects on Soil Hydraulic Properties and Ecohydrological Function”

2020                  Navajyoth Manjeri Puthiyaveettil accepted to Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL)-WSU Distinguished Graduate Research Program, primary adviser Dr. Deepti Singh (WSU SOE), Dr. Ruby Leung (PNNL), co-adviser Dr. Moffett. ~$70,000 (2 years graduate support in residence at PNNL)

2018-19         x  Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center (NWCASC) Graduate Fellowship Katherine Swensen, $38,000. “Understanding how Increasing Wildfires Under Climate Change Affect Tree Regrowth and Water Availability in Forests”

2018                   Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) Science Communication Fellow, Dr. Kevan B. Moffett

2018                   NADEF Graduate Research Fellowship to Michelle Audie: NADEF fire reconstruction group project entitled: High elevation fire history reconstruction and post-fire stand regeneration in the Shoshone National Forest, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
2018                   Scholarship to attend PhysFest, Michelle Audie

2018                   NSF CAREER Program awardee, Dr. Kevan B. Moffett

2018                   Robert Lane Fellowship in Environmental Sciences to Katherine Swensen, $1000
2018                   Robert Lane Fellowship in Environmental Sciences to Gregory Clark, $600
2018                   Vancouver College of Arts and Sciences Research Assistantship Award to Katherine Swensen, 1 semester RA stipend, benefits, and tuition waiver
2017                   Early Career Publication Award, 2016, Ecohydrology, Highly Commended Paper “Alternative stable states of tidal marsh vegetation patterns and channel complexity” by Moffett and Gorelick (in top 4 of the year), Wiley
2017               x   GSA Graduate Student Research Grant to Gregory Clark $1775
2016                   Gordon Research Conference Travel Award to postdoc Gerald Page $950, Travel to Gordon Research Conference on Multiscale Plant Vascular Biology
2016                   Robert Lane Fellowship in Environmental Sciences to Lauren Burns, $590
2016                   Friends of Mount Adams research grant to Molly Moore, $500
2016                   Editor’s Citation for Excellence in Reviewing, 2015, Water Resources Research, American Geophysical Union, to Kevan Moffett
2016               x   Garden Club of America Zone VI Fellowship in Urban Forestry to Lauren Burns, $5000, Urban Forest Structure and Diversity as a Control on Microclimate and Runoff Variability
2016                   Alaska Airlines Travel Award to postdoc Gerald Page (flight miles), Travel to Ecological Society of America annual meeting 2016
2015                   Travel Award to postdoc Gerald Page, Travel and expenses for attending International Youth Scholars Forum, School of Earth Science and Geological Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China.
The University of Texas at Austin (2012-2014)
2014                   Audrey Eljuri: 2nd Place Cover Letter for All JSG Students
2014                   Audrey Eljuri: Undergraduate Resume Contest Round 2 Qualifier, Junior & Senior Category
2014                   Jettie Koen: Honorable Mention, EVS Senior Project poster and presentation session
2014                   Audrey Eljuri: Jackson School of Geosciences 2014 College Scholar
2014                   Audrey Eljuri: 1st Place Best Undergraduate Poster, Jackson School of Geosciences Research Symposium
2014                   nominee by University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Kevan B. Moffett, for Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering
2013                   Allan Jones: 2nd Place Best Student Poster, Texas Bays and Estuaries Meeting
2013                   Allan Jones: Department of Geological Sciences Outstanding TA for 2012-2013 (nominated by KB Moffett)
2013                   Allan Jones: inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
2013                   Audrey Eljuri: Jackson School of Geosciences 2013 College Scholar
2013               x   UT-Austin Undergraduate Research Fellowship to Audrey Eljuri, $2000, The efficiency of stormwater management structures, rain gardens and vegetated retention ponds, in reducing urban runoff and contaminants in downtown Austin, Texas
2012                  UT-Austin Jackson School Graduate Research Fellowship to Michael O’Connor
2012                  UT-Austin Jackson School Graduate Research Fellowship to Brittany Smith
Stanford University and Prior (to 2012)
2012                   Outstanding Achievement in Mentoring, Stanford University Earth Sciences, certificate to Kevan Moffett
2012               x   Stanford Earth Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Grant to Sophia Christel, $6000, Online Database and Information Center for San Francisco Bay Area Wetlands
2011               x   Carleton College Kolenkow-Reitz Undergraduate Research Grant to Ailsa McCulloch, $4200, Modifying the slug test model to understand sediment hydraulic properties controlling groundwater flow in an unconfined intertidal system
2010-2011    x   Stanford Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education Major Grant to Jaslyn Law, $5600, Predicting avian home ranges in South San Francisco Bay salt marshes using spatial vegetation pattern analysis
2009               x   Stanford Earth Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Grant to Allison Stafford, $5700, Engaging the public in the science of the San Francisco Baylands
2009               x   Stanford Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education Small Grant to Jaslyn Law, $1500, Remote sensing analysis and ecosystem services of salt marsh vegetation patterns
2006               x   Stanford Earth Sciences McGee seed grant to Kevan Moffett, $3000, Identifying salt marsh groundwater sources and mixing
2004-2007        Graduate Fellowship, Stanford University, to Kevan Moffett
1998                   U.S. National team member, Kevan Moffett, International Physics Olympiad