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Moffett Research Lab Places to Look for Jobs (undergrads or grads)
Here I attempt to post list servs, websites, etc. that may perhaps help students find academic or non-academic jobs in hydrology- or environment-related fields following a BS, MS, or PhD.  This page updated periodically as I find new sources.


Places / list-serves to look for water/environmental jobs

Please send me the names of any lists, digests, or websites that you think should be added here.
PNW Regional (mainly)
  • in Portland/WA/OR area: Urban Ecology Research Consortium list serv
    • posts lots of local events and volunteer opportunities, e.g., clearing invasive species, park clean-ups, etc. (get some hands-on experience and network!)
    • subscribe at:
    • (don’t have to be employed/enrolled at OSU to join list)
  • PDX GIS email list serv
    • posts lots of jobs that use GIS, regionally
    • “To join the group, send an email to expressing your interest.”
    • (don’t have to be employed/enrolled at PSU to join list)
    • also see: about GIS skills that are helpful for getting jobs
  • Northwest Association of Environmental Professionals
  • WSU Metro Extension internships:
Academic/Research (postdocs, technician positions, graduate positions, faculty)