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Moffett Research Lab Education and Outreach


———-  LAST UPDATED FALL 2018 (life…pandemic…recovering now…) ———-



Courses Currently Taught at Washington State University Vancouver by KB Moffett
  • Every Fall:   
    • Natural Resources and Natural Hazards (ES 102) [PSCI]Introductory undergraduate course for non-majors or pre-majors: Water, energy, earth, air, and biological resources and physical dynamics in the context of human use and the Earth System; introduction to these resources via examples from natural hazards, e.g., hurricanes, tornados, floods, droughts, wildfires, landslides, sinkholes, earthquakes, heat waves, and pest/disease outbreaks.
  • Odd year Springs:   
    • Water and the Earth (GEO 315)Mid-level undergraduate course in the School of the Environment BS degree core curriculum: Earth’s hydrologic cycle, precipitation, surface water, groundwater, introduction to water quality, and human water use and sustainability. Includes laboratory.
    • Senior Seminar (ES 491)Upper-level undergraduate seminar given by weekly invited speakers on a range of topics in Environmental Sciences and Health/Biomedical Sciences.
  • Even year Springs: 
    • Advanced Environmental Hydrology (ES 577) (including AMS connection), Graduate-level survey of physical hydrology, aimed at any School of Environment or similar student needing a rigorous but broad background or refresher in hydrology,  from introductory fluid mechanics to nonlinear hydrodynamics and hydrogeology. Principles, dynamics, interactions, and calculations of water flow in the environment (rivers, lakes, groundwater, soil moisture, atmospheric boundary layer). 
  • Any term (F/S/Su) upon request:
    • Special Problems (ES 499) [undergraduate]
    • Special Projects or Independent Study (ES 600) [graduate]
    • Master’s Research (ES 700)
    • Doctoral Research (ES 800)


  • Previously taught:
    • Introduction to Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology
    • Ecohydrology
    • Field Methods in Hydrogeology
    • Introduction to Earth and Environmental Science Research Design and Proposal Writing

Outreach Activities and Projects

Outreach and Education Workshops Led

2016             PNW Street Trees Research-Management Advisory Panel Meeting (Dec 2016) First of a series of live web-facilitated workshops to foster collaboration between WSU urban ecohydrology research and ~10 City Foresters from around the Northwest.

Outreach and Education Products

symbols denote Moffett-mentored  +postdoc, *graduate, #undergraduate, or xhigh school student at time of work

2013             S Pierce and KB Moffett (2013) Seeing Water from Space, NASA Space Apps Challenge. The challenge we posed: “Create a web map of Chile water resources, showing how they have changed over time and how their changes over time relate to changes in climate.”

2012             S Christel#, KB Moffett+, and SM Gorelick (2012) A website to enhance public access to recreational and scientific information on San Francisco Estuary salt marshes.

2009             A Stafford# (2009) Sedimentation in Our Bay. San Francisco Baylands fact sheet self-published for local Nature and Educational Centers. (English and Spanish versions.)

2009             A Stafford# (2009) Birds and Fish in Our Salt Marsh. San Francisco Baylands fact sheet self-published for local Nature and Educational Centers. (English and Spanish versions.)

2009             A Stafford# (2009) Set of four nature interpretive panels. Panels were designed in cooperation with the staff of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Alviso Environmental Educational Center (EEC). The panels are permanently installed along the Marsh View Trail next to the EEC. (In English and Spanish; available on Moffett website, see above.)

Press Consults

2013       L Poon (2013), Jindo Sea Parting: Science Behind the “Magic,” National Geographic News.  Available from: http://news.nationalgeo