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Dr. Kevan B. Moffett Assistant Professor (she/her)
Kevan is a hydrologist interested in the heterogeneous, non-linear, and dynamic coupling of physical and biological flow and transport pathways in the hydrological cycle – particularly the physics of shallow groundwater, soil water, and surface water movement and how plant water uptake facilitates this movement or ‘gets in the way’. She applies these interests to study surface water-groundwater interactions, evapotranspiration and land-atmosphere interactions, and the hydrological and ecological exogenous- or self-organization of critical ecosystems concurrently subject to substantial disturbance, notably: wetlands, fire-prone western forests, and cities. Kevan worked as an Environmental Engineer on aspects of New York City’s drinking water supply with Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. (now Arcadis) from 2001-2004, attended Stanford for graduate school, and was an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin from 2012-2014. Kevan currently resides in Portland, OR with her husband and two young children.
Ph.D. Environmental Earth System Science, Stanford University (2010)
B.S. Environmental Engineering, Yale University (2002)

Moffett Research Group:
Katherine Swensen – PhD Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences (WSU Vancouver)
Dylan Quinn – PhD Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences (WSU Vancouver)
Michelle Audie – Environmental Science MS student (WSU Vancouver)
Jesse Krause – Undergraduate researcher, BS Environmental Science WSU Vancouver

Former lab members and advisees:
Allan Jones – Postdoctoral Research Associate (2018), WSU Vancouver and PhD Geological Sciences (Hydrogeology) (2017), University of Texas at Austin – now: Hydrogeology Specialist, Illinois State Water Survey, University of Illinois
Lauren Burns – MS Environmental Science (2019), WSU Vancouver – now: Fishery Biologist with Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC)
Sarah Kintner – MS Environmental Science (2019), WSU Vancouver (John Harrison co-adviser) – now Geologist with AECOM, Seattle, WA
Gregory Clark – MS Environmental Science (2018), WSU Vancouver – now: Hydrologist, USGS WY-MT Water Science Center
Gerald Page – Postdoctoral Research Associate, WSU Vancouver – now: Postdoctoral Research Associate Oregon State University
Peter Zamora – Postdoctoral Research Associate, WSU Vancouver – now: Asst. Prof. at University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Molly Moore – PhD Environmental Science WSU Vancouver
Jacqueline Dent – Undergraduate/post-bac researcher, BS Environmental Science, WSU Vancouver – now: at WA DNR
Matthew Pruett – Undergraduate/post-bac researcher, BS Mechanical Engineering, WSU Vancouver – now: completing MS Civil Engineering at Portland State University
Victoria Avalos – NSF REU (2017) – BS Biology University of Portland – now: completing MS ESM at Portland State University
Katarina Kubiniec – NSF REU (2016) – now: completing BS Civil Engineering at University of Washington
Alec Trusty – NSF REU (2015) – BS Environmental Science Portland State University

University of Texas at Austin
Michael O’Connor – MS Geological Sciences (2014) – now: completing PhD Hydrogeology at UT Austin
Brittany Smith – MS Geological Sciences (2014) (co- w/ David Mohrig) – now at Princeton Hydrologic
Audrey Eljuri – BS Geological Sciences, Honors thesis (2014) – now at Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Austin, TX
Kathleen Stanford – BS Civil Engineering research project (2014)
Jettie Koen – BS Environmental Science, senior project (2014)
Ryan Soutter – BS Environmental Science, senior project (2014)
Abigail Black – BS Geological sciences research project (2014) – now Geological Technical Intern at ConocoPhillips, Midland, TX
Stacy Slater – BS Biology research project (2013-2014) – now Technical Sales Associate, OmniGuide, Dallas, TX

Stanford University
Sophia Christel – BS Earth Systems, summer project (2012)
Ailsa McCulloch – BS Geology (Carleton College visiting student), senior project (2011-2012)
Jaslyn Law – BS Earth Systems, senior/MS project (2009-2012) – now Marketing Specialist, Jive Software, Palo Alto, CA
Allison Stafford – BS Earth Systems, summer project (2009) – now High School Science Teacher, Redwood City, CA