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Kelley Lab joanna.l.kelley

Back from AGBT 2019

Joanna presented on our brown bear projects at AGBT 2019 in Marco Island, Florida #AGBT19. The meeting was filled with interesting biology, including lots of single cell genomics and spatial profiling. Here’s a great summary meeting highlights, and Joanna’s talk was in the “memorable talks” mentions!

The view! The gulf coast of Florida was a nice break from snowy Pullman.


with Beth Shaprio and some of the Dovetail crew!

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to an exciting 2019 filled with lots of fun and interesting science! Stay tuned for some exciting announcements!

Free Vector Design by: Vecteezy

Alexia Gee joins the Kelley Lab!

Alexia Gee has arrived in Pullman! We are very happy Alexia has decided to join the lab as a masters student. She has already started working with the bears on campus. Check out the WSU Bear Center if you’re curious to learn more about the bears!