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Manoj Karkee Agricultural Automation and Robotics Lab

News and Media Coverage


Dr. Karkee’s lab (lead institution – Oregon State University) was funded by Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission to ‘Develop a Decision Support Tool for Precision Orchard Management’

A robot’s rules for pruning, Good Fruit Grower

Choose and Pick, Robots are Coming to a Farm Field Near You, US Agriculture Outlook 



Western Innovator: From Nepal to robotic Pioneer, Capital Press

Farm Workers Vs Robots, The Washington Post

Dr. Karkee’s lab (lead institution – University of Central Florida) was funded by NSF National Robotics Initiative to ‘Develop a Collaborative Harvesting System for Strawberries ‘

Dr. Karkee’s lab (lead institution – Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth) was funded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research and World Bank to ‘Create a Center for Excellence in Digital Farming’

Dr. Karkee’s lab was funded by Washington Grape and Wine Research Program to ‘Smart-phone-based crop load estimation tool’

Electric Eyes and Helping Hands,  John Deere Furrow

Canopy camera in your pocket, Good Fruit Grower

Washington orchards host robotic arms race, Good Fruit Grower

Celebrating Ag Tech: Interview with elementary school kids  

Welcome the Plants That Move on their Own

Protecting vineyards from birds with drones is study topic, Fruit Growers News

Precision pruning can help machines safely, efficiently harvest apples, WSU Insider

Estimating Vineyard Yield? WSU’s Making An App For That, The Growers Guide

Robot Apple Pickers Could Change Farming as We Know It

The Field of Artificial Intelligence Growing in Agriculture, Growing Produce

Online publication labels professor as AI trailblazer, The Daily Evergreen

WSU scientist recognized as AI pioneer by ‘Connected World’, CAHNRS News



11 Professors Prophecies for AI and IoT, Connected World

Leading Agricultural Automation and Robotics Research: Interview with Prof. Manoj Karkee

WSU’s apple picking machine provides potential for future orchard operations, Interview and coverage by Alfredo Llanos at NBC Local News

Shaking it up in the orchards, Ross Courtney, Good Fruit Growers

Automated Agriculture: Researchers Work on Robotic Weeder, Denise Keller,

Automating Ag: Less labor, more innovation in the fields and in the air,

Researchers share future of ag tech in Consortium tour, CAHNRS News

Dr. Karkee’s lab was funded by Washington Department of Agriculture to ‘Develop an Automated System for Green Shoot Thinning in Vineyards’

WSU researchers developing ‘smart irrigation’ for fine wines, water conservation, Seth Truscott, CAHNRS News

IoT: The Next Farming Frontier, Connected World, Bethanie Hestermann

Dr. Karkee’s lab was funded by NSF-USDA Cyber Physical Systems Program to develop ‘SMART Irrigation System using IoT and Big Data Analytics’

Dr. Karkee’s lab was funded by Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission to develop ‘A Robotic System for Fruit Tree Pruning’.

Dr. Karkee’s lab was funded by Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission to develop ‘A Multi-purpose Robotic System for Tree Fruit Crops’.

Dr. Karkee’s lab was funded by Washington Wine Commission to develop ‘An Automated Green Shoot Thinner’.

Dr. Karkee’s lab was funded by Washington Wine Commission to develop ‘A Smart-phone-based crop-load estimation tool for Vineyards’.

WSU precision ag program ranks with world’s best, WSU News

Taking everything into account (in Spanish), Kate Prengaman, Good Fruit Grower

Global thinking sets up New Zealand Agtech Startups for Outsized Impact, AgFunder News

Why robots should shake the bejeezus out of cherry trees, Wired Magazine..

Local company advancing rapidly on robotic strawberry harvester, The Ledger..

Ripe for Robots? by John H. Tibbetts, Mechanical Engineering, Magazine of American Society of Mechanical Engineers..


Autonomous Agriculture, USA Today…

Apple-Picking Robot Prepares to Compete for Farm Jobs, Tom Simonite, MIT Technology Review…

Washington State Seeks to Automate Apple Orchards, Assembly..

Robotic Pickers on the Horizon, Phil Ferolito, Yakima Herald..

Robot Hand Picks Apples without Bruising, Farm Shows..

Dr. Karkee’s lab was funded by Washington Red Raspberry Commission to continue working on automated bundling and tying of canes.

Robotic fruit pickers promise labor saving, The Packer…

Dr. Karkee’s lab was funded by WSU’s Emerging Research Issues program to continue their work on bird deterrence from crop fields with UASs.

Dr. Karkee’s lab was funded to commercialize a ‘Mobile App for In-Orchard Apple Crop Load Estimation’


Dr. Abhisesh Silwal (2014-2016; Now Post Doc at Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University) and Dr. Karkee were awarded a WSU Commercialization Gap Fund project to develop a mobile app for apple crop-load estimation.  

Dr. Karkee and WSU CPAAS organized an International Conference on Ag Robotics and Automation

Dr. Suraj Amatya (2011-2015; now Post Doc at Purdue University) awarded international ‘Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize 2016′

WSU to host conference on automating agriculture

Quest for robotic apple picker continues

Dr. Suraj Amatya (2011-2015; now Post Doc at Purdue University) awarded ASABE ‘Boyd-Scott Graduate Research Award 2016

Agriculture 3.0: How researchers are harvesting the power of robots and drones to reboot farming

Aadit Shrestha was awarded ASD Inc. Instrument Award, 2016

Developing technologies that will change the agriculture