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Manoj Karkee Agricultural Automation and Robotics Lab

Research groups and companies working on Specialty Crop Mechanization/Automation/Robotics – Incomplete List (will be updated)

Research Teams

Carnegie Mellon University – Robotics Institute (Guidance, Crop Load Estimation, Pruning)

China Agricultural University

European Team of Scientists – Sweet Pepper harvesting and Clever Robots for Crops

Hokkaido University, Japan (Harvesting)

Iwate University

National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Teddington, UK – Vegetable Harvesting

Pennsylvania State University (Thinning)

Purdue University – Pruning etc.

Queensland University of Technology – Agricultural Robotics Program

University of Arizona – Vegetable thinning, weeding

University of California, Davis – Mobile Robotics, Weeding in Vegetable Crops

University of Minnesota – Harvesting, Crop-load Estimation

University of New South Wales – Harvesting

University of Pennsylvania – UAS, Harvesting

University of Oakland – Robotics Program

University of Florida  – Citrus Harvesting

University of Sydney, Australian Center for Field Robotics – Guidance, Fruit Harvesting, Weeding

Washington State University – Center for Precision and Automated Agricultural Systems – Ag Robotics Lab, and Other Labs – Apple Harvesting, Pruning, Weeding, Ground Robotics

Zhejiang University

The Intelligent Sensing and Perception (ISP) group of STIIMA, National Research Council of Italy (CNR)

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso, Chile ( Fernando Auat Cheein)


Robotic/Precision Ag Companies (non-inclusive list; in no particular order)

abberit (WA; Robotic Strawberry Harvesting)

Abundant Robotics, California

Advanced Avian Abatement – Bird Deterrence with UAS

Agrobot, Spain

Ag Tools (AI-based farming tools)

Aigen Robotics (Weeding, Soil Health)

Bloomfield Robotics (Vineyard scanning, Crop estimation)

Blueriver Technologies (Now acquired John Deere), California

Bosch Smart Farming Group

Burro; Augean Robotics (PA; Vineyard robots including collaborative Harvesting)

BSK Air Tech (Blueberry harvesting technology)

Bumblebee AI (Pollination solutions)

Bushel, USA

Digital Harvest, Oregon

Dropcoptor ( – UAS for Pollination

Edete ( – UAS for pollination

Energid Technologies (Cambridge, MA)

FFRobotics, Israel

Green Leaf Robotics (,

GUSS (Spray Robots)

Harvest Croo (Robotic Strawberry Harvesting), Florida

Hectre (Orchard Management), New Zealand

Innovate Ag (Ag Data Management and Value Addition)

Koidra (Intelligent Automation)

Mobichamp – The Netherlands

Moog (NY, Ag Robotics including pollination)

Nanovel (Robotic Apple Harvesting)

Panasonic Ag Robotics, Japan (e.g. Tomato Harvesting Robot)

Pegasus Spray

Precision Hawk (UAVs)


Prospera Technologies (Smart Ag)

Rantizo (Drone-based Spraying)

RE2 (

Robolabs inc. (

Robotic Harvesting LLC, Los Angles, CA (

Robotics Plus and Plus group horticulture, New Zealand

Root AI, Woburn, Massachusetts, United States

Saga Robotics, Lincoln, UK

Sickle Innovations (

Teranis (Crop Protection)

Vandentop, The Netherlands

Verdant Robotics (CA; Ag Robotics; Thinning, Pollination)

Vineland Research (, Canada

Vision Robotics, Sand Diego, California