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Outside Looking In Lobbyists' View on Civil Discourse in U.S. State Legislature

2020 State Politics Conference

Burdett Loomis and John Pierce (KU), “Non-profits and their unique perspective on the civility in legislative processes: Does Non-rent-seeking make a difference?”

William Schreckheis (Univ. of Arkansas) and Francis Benjamin (WSU) on the connection between legislative professionalism and legislative civility & quality of legislative deliberation.

Stephanie Witt, Luke Fowler, and Jaclyn Kettler, Boise State University. A partial replication of Fowler and Witt (Publius 2019) preemption of local government authority by state governments, using legislative civility score in multivariate model for explaining preemptive actions.

Christopher Simon (Utah) and Nicholas Lovrich (WSU), Political Culture, Historical Legacy, and Contemporary Levels of Civil Discourse in US State Legislatures.