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Outside Looking In Lobbyists' Views on Civil Discourse in U.S. State Legislature

National Survey of State Legislative Lobbyists

Prior to becoming a lobbyist, in which of the following public policy-related occupations did you have experience?

On which of the following types of issues have you lobbied?

How important are civility and the maintenance of civil discourse norms in the legislative debate to producing good public policy? 

How has the  experience  of incivility on the part of state legislators  in your state affected you in your own work in legislative advocacy?

Compared to when you first became involved in legislative advocacy, have legislators with whom you work become more partisan or more bipartisan (i.e., work with legislators in the opposing party on some legislation of common interest)?

Overall,   how would you characterize the general level of civility among members of your state’s legislature during the two most recent legislative sessions?

How   would   you   characterize   the  general   level  of   civility among  members  of  your  state’s  legislature  during  the  two  most  recent  legislative sessions compared to the last ten years?

Do legislators, in your state, reflect the polarized environment of the U.S. Congress?


Compared to  U.S.  Congress,  to what extent do you feel partisan polarization is taking place in your state legislature?

In your view, how important is it for individual legislators to communicate frequently with fellow legislators of the opposing party?