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Dr. Shyam Sablani Food Packaging

Graduate Education

BsysE 585:

Food Packaging

This course introduces graduate students to primary food packaging materials and role of packaging in the preservation of foods. Topics covered include: Primary food packaging materials and package manufacturing/fabrication, engineering properties of packaging materials, food quality deteriorative mechanisms, shelf-life estimation, active and intelligent packaging, interaction between food packaging and the environment, safety and legislative aspect of packaging, and the package requirement of several food products.

BsysE 581:

Advanced Physical Properties of Foods

This course introduces graduate students to fundamentals and measurements of important physical properties relevant to food process development. Topics covered include: physical properties (density and porosity), thermal properties (specific heat, enthalpy, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, initial freezing point, unfrozen water and glass transition), electrical conductivity, dielectric properties, rheological properties of liquid and solid foods and properties of powders.

BSysE 583:

Food Process Engineering II

This course is structured to cover fundamental engineering concepts, principles and skills necessary to design selected food processes. The course will include heat/thermal, freezing and drying processes. An overview of food quality parameters influenced by processing and processing equipment will also be covered.