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Dr. Shyam Sablani Food Packaging

Research Facilities

Major Equipment

  • Multimode R&D Retort, Model 2402, ALLPAX
  • Microwave-Assisted Thermal Sterilization (MATS) Unit
  • Microwave-Assisted Pasteurization System (MAPS)
  • Freeze Dryer
  • Spray Dryer
  • UV-C Light Treatment Chambers

Analytical Instrumentation

  • Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Q2000, TA Instruments
  • Oxygen Permeation Analyzer, Ox-Tran Model 2/21, MOCON
  • Water Vapor Permeation Analyzer, Permatran-W Model 3/33, MOCON
  • GEN III 310 Oxygen Analyzer System, OxySense
  • Microwave Digestion/synthesis unit, Discover SP System, CEM Corporation
  • ICP-MS 7500 Series, Agilent Technologies
  • Vapor Sorption Analyzer, Decagon Devices

Modeling Software

  • COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Matlab with Neural Network and Global Optimization Toolbox