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SHOT Lab in the Media


Bias Film:
Bias on iTunes
Bias Preview Clip from Finish Line Features, LLC
Bias is an entertaining and impactful documentary which examines unconscious bias and how it affects our behavior socially and in the workplace.

Fusion TV:
Does race matter when cops pull the trigger?

CNN, Anderson Cooper 360:
Preparing police for confrontation
Unconscious Bias: Facing the Realities of Racism

The Today Show:
Researchers strive to solve dangerous distracted driving by cops

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:
What happens in a cops brain as he is about to shoot?

King 5:
WSU lab studies the science behind police shootings
Shoot or don’t shoot? A reporter is put to the test
Distracted driving dangers

KHQ Q6 News:
360: Highlighting the effects of working long shifts during odd hours

WSU Professor explains the consequences of implicit bias in police
Spokane Police collaborate on multi-year research project

WSU researchers create bias training simulator
WSU researchers partner with Cleveland PD


Nap Time for Everyone! (Ep. 468)

Inside EMS: 
Technical Napping: EMS One-Stop With Rob Lawrence

Police 1: Policing Matters Podcast
Dead tired: fighting fatal fatigue in law enforcement

Behind the Shield by James Geering:
Steve James

Science Vs.
Police Shootings the Data and the Damage

Implicit bias training for police officers is big business


NYPD study implicit bias training changes minds not necessarily behavior
Morning Edition
Metrics for deadly force

Can police officers be trained discard their racial biases?

Spokane Public Radio (NPR):
Nursing and war require alert personnel. These researchers are studying fatigue countermeasures

The true cost of policing

BBC Online:
Is it possible to rid police officers of bias?
What is the worst time of day to get sick?

National Geographic:
The Race Issue: Why do we see so many things as ‘Us vs. Them’?

New York Times:
Are police bigoted?

The Daily Herald:
Cops are the most sleep deprived workers in America that’s bad news in the suburbs too

McClatchy DC Bureau:
Here’s what Initiative 940 means for police officers’ use of deadly force

The Seattle Times:
Spokane police, despite bias, less likely to shoot black suspects, WSU study finds

St Louis Post Dispatch
White officers slower to shoot black suspects, new study finds

USA Today:
Fractured skulls, lost eyes: Police break their own rules when shooting protesters with ‘rubber bullets’

The Washington Post:
This study found race matters in police shootings, but the results may surprise you

The Washington Times:
The real racial bias: Cops more willing to shoot whites than blacks, research finds

The Spokesman-Review:
Spokane County undersheriff received suspension for saying ‘ex-wives should be killed’
Rules of engagements Spokane leaders wants clear guidelines for protests
Make space for protest but stay in control: Experts say police must balance both in situations like the one that erupted Sunday in Spokane
WSU Spokane Researcher Lois James Study of Police
WSU study: Two things hinder split-second decisions by police
WSU nabs $1 million grant to study work shifts of nurses
YWCA announces 2018 Women of Achievement honorees – Lois James
TSI delivered in Colorado

The “F” word in public safety
Tactical napping: An EMS bedtime story

Police 1
Sleep: The most important hack for your job and life

Fire Rescue 1
Sleep: The most important hack for your job and life