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FLETC Journal
Vila, B., James, S.M., & James, L. “From A to Zzzzzzz…: tired cops and distracted driving.” pages 33-37
Fall Winter 2015

James, L. ”The impact of implicit racial bias on police decisions to shoot: research findings and training implications” pages 31-36
Spring-Summer 2017

NIJ Journal
Sleep deprivation: what does it mean for public safety officers?

The Police Chief
James, L., Fridell, L., & Straub, F. (2016) Psychosocial factors impacting on officers’ decisions to use deadly force: The Implicit Bias v. “Ferguson” Effects.

Police One
Cops hesitate more err less when shooting black suspects study finds
Even tired cops are more hesitant to shoot black suspects
A reasoned response to Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest

Law Officer
Does the truth matter?

Force Science
CIT Survey

Sleep & Performance in Athletes

Samuels, C. & James, L. Wake-up call for proper sleep. STRIVE Magazine, Alberta Sport Development Centre – Southeast, January, 2014.

Samuels, C. & James, L. Sleep as a recovery tool for elite athletes. Aspetar Sports Science Journal, October, 2014.