April 20-23, 2023 – Sam Jayasinghe and Henry Hurt have been invited to attend the EarthX 2023 Exhibition and Congress in Dallas, TX, where they delivered their 3MT presentations. Sam and Henry were among four students selected from CAHNRS participants based on their People’s Choice awards in the CAHNRS 3MT competition. The purpose of EarthX is to create awareness of the much-needed balance between ensuring a clean and sustainable environment and a healthy economy. EarthX hosted 180,000 attendees over the 3-day event, and it was the world’s largest environmental exposition, conference, and film festival with 700 exhibitors, 12 conferences, 63 films, 49 interactive experiences, 450 speakers and an educational outreach which benefited over 20,000 students. This was a great opportunity to provide visibility not only for Sam and Henry, but also for our Department, CAHNRS, and WSU.