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Washington State University Vancouver
The Thin Green Line Is People: Documenting Pacific Northwest Fossil Fuel Resistance

Resolutions, Ordinances & Legislation

City Council Resolutions (Arranged Chronologically)

Spokane, WA


June 6

Vancouver, Washington


October 17
  • Resolution No. M3908: “expressing concerns and opposing Millennium Bulk Terminals coal export project and other projects that would contribute to an increase in the number of unit trains carrying crude oil and coal and traveling through Vancouver, Washington.”

Portland, Oregon


November 10

November 12


December 14


Eugene, Oregon


January 25


Archive of webcasts of Eugene City Council Meeting

Tacoma, Washington


November 21
  • Ordinance No. 28470 adopted “relating to zoning; amending Title 13 of the Tacoma  Munic ipal  Code by amending Chapters 13.04, 13.05, 13.06, and 13.10 thereof, to enact interim land use regulations limiting the receipt and processing of applications for permits for the establishment of certain uses within certain zoning districts for an initialperiod of one year to protect the viability and effectiveness of the
    Tide flats subarea planning process and its outcomes.”

City of Tacoma overview of the 2017 Tideflats Interim Regulations, including history of public process.

Seattle, Washington


June 12
  • Resolution No. 31757 “relating to the Office of Sustainability and Environment; affirming The City of Seattle’s commitment to meet or exceed goals established in the Paris Agreement.”




April 3
  • Resolution No. 31740  “stating the Seattle City Council’s opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline, and requesting the Department of Finance and Administrative Services to investigate ways to establish contracting criteria to prioritize the City’s goals to avoid contracting with financial institutions that provide it with project-level loans or other financial services.”



February 2
  • Ordinance No. 118905 “relating to strengthening The City of Seattle’s policies for conducting City business with partners that are committed to fair business practices; adding Chapter 20.46 to the Seattle Municipal Code; amending the revised City of Seattle Investment Policies adopted by Resolution 31525; and requesting the Mayor and Director of Finance and Administrative Services to take certain actions, including not renewing the Contract for Bank Depository Services with Wells Fargo Bank beyond the initial term and refraining from making new investments in Wells Fargo securities for a period of three years.



February 26
  • Resolution No. 31798 “addressing a proposed liquefied natural gas facility in Tacoma, and urging the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to improve tribal consultation procedures and collaborate with regional mayors, leaders, and tribes to address the growing impact of climate change.”