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Kelley Lab News

Alex Fraik at NOAA

Graduate student Alex Fraik started her 6 month NSF funded internship with Krista Nichols at NOAA. While most of her project will be analyzing existing datasets on fish before and after dam removal, she had a chance to participate in some fieldwork.

NHGRI Comparative Genomics Workshop

Joanna Kelley presented at the NHGRI Comparative Genomics Workshop in Bethesda, MD. It was a fantastic event bringing together ~115 genome biologists from around the country to discuss comparative genomics and the NHGRI strategic plan as it relates to comparative genomics. The schedule of speakers is here:

You can view Joanna’s talk here:

You can view the moderated discussion here:


Congrats to Joanna Kelley for receiving funding from NSF ISO!

Congratulations to Dr. Joanna Kelley and Dr. Michi Tobler for received funding for their Rules of Life proposal. The proposal is jointly funded by  the NSF Division of Integrative Organismal Systems and Division of Environmental Biology. The grant Extreme Environments, Physiological Adaptation, and the Origin of Species (with Michael Tobler) will fund research on fish that have adapted to sulfidic springs throughout the Americas.

A sulfidic spring in southern Mexico (above).

Long-distance dispersal of ice worms

Our paper on the genetics of glacier ice worms, which shows long-distance dispersal of ice worms is out today! The paper is in  Proceedings of the Royal Society B! Birds eating ice worms may drive passive long-distance dispersal! Below is the first ever photographic proof of it, which postdoc Scott Hotaling took on Monday!

There is also a great write-up in the WSU Insider: