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School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Manufacturing Processes and Machinery Lab

Our Research

Additive manufacturing (or commonly known as 3D-Printing) is rapidly shifting the manufacturing paradigms globally, enabling manufacturing of highly complex structures and devices with many novel functionalities and transforming many technologies of high societal importance. Our research focuses primarily on direct-write based meso- and micro- scale additive manufacturing methods and their applications. We try to completely understand and control the fundamental mechanisms underlying such processes and their impact the (1) final functional properties of the manufactured structures and (2) process performance quantified by accuracy, resolution, reproducibility and scalability.  In that, we utilize various experimental, analytical and numerical modeling tools and perform studies on the design and control of 3D-printers. Our application focus extends to wearable, flexible devices, biosensing and artificial tissue engineering.

If you are interested in joining our group or collaborating with us, please contact Dr. Arda Gozen at We usually have many volunteer research opportunities for WSU undergraduate students.