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Manufacturing Processes and Machinery Lab Manufacturing Processes and Machinery Lab

Additive manufacturing of smart structures for soft-flexible devices and robotics

With additive manufacturing,  it is possible and easy to fabricate multi-material, functionally-graded plastic structures which can be engineered to exhibit unique mechanical properties that can be spatially and/or temporally controlled. In our lab, we use the low cost and accessible fused-deposition method to fabricate composite structures with hyperelastic property gradients, ridigity and adhesion tunability and shape memory capabilities. These composites can address many fundamental problems with flexible electronics and soft robotics such as integration of soft sensors with rigid electronics and complex 3D-dimensional actuation of end effectors. For more information check out our most recent publication below.

Manufacturing of smart composites with hyperelastic property gradients and shape memory using fused deposition


Shape memory composite

Elastomeric composite with hyperelastic property gradients