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Manufacturing Processes and Machinery Lab Manufacturing Processes and Machinery Lab

Journal Publications

Micro additive manufacturing of glucose biosensors: A feasibility study

Nesaei, Sepehr, Yang Song, Yijia Wang, Xiaofan Ruan, Dan Du, Arda Gozen, and Yuehe Lin, (2018) Analytica Chimica Acta, 1043, 142-149




Freeze‐Printing of Liquid Metal Alloys for Manufacturing of 3D, Conductive, and Flexible Networks

Gannarapu, A., & Gozen, B. A. (2016). Advanced Materials Technologies, 1(4).





Additive Manufacturing with Conductive, Viscoelastic Polymer Composites: Direct-Ink-Writing of Electrolytic and Anodic Poly (ethylene oxide) Composites

Nesaei, S., Rock, M., Wang, Y., Kessler, M. R., & Gozen, A. (2017). . Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 139(11), 111004.



Manufacturing of smart composites with hyperelastic property gradients and shape memory using fused deposition

Estelle, K., Blair, D., Evans, K., & Gozen, B. A. (2017). Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 28 (3), 500-507






Prediction of steady-state freeze front position during 3D printing of microstructures

Gannarapu, A., Dutta, P., & Gozen, B. A. (2017), International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 115, 743-753.



Gum‐Like Nanocomposites as Conformable, Conductive, and Adhesive Electrode Matrix for Energy Storage Devices

Wang, Y., Gozen, A., Chen, L., & Zhong, W. H. (2017).  Advanced Energy Materials, 7(6).



Conference Proceedings

Low melting point metallic alloy direct ink writing at micro-meso scale

Gannarapu A., Gozen B. A.,  World Congress on Micro and Nano-Manufacturing 2017, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Direct Ink Writing of Room Temperature Ionic Liquid-based Conductive Polymer Composites

Nesaei S., Rising, B., Gozen B. A.,World Congress on Micro and Nano-Manufacturing 2017, Kaohsiung, Taiwan