November 19, 2019 – Edith Orozco did a great job for her thesis defense. She is now a Master of Science by the Professional Science Master’s degree (PSM) program.

Edith joined our lab for a two-month internship required for her PSM program “MBioS 701 Master’s Independent Capstone Project and/or Examination”. She wrote a proposal and a final report for her internship project and learned several techniques for gene cloning and protein-protein interactions in plants. We are looking for her to further develop from this experience for her future endeavors. Special thanks to her direct mentor, Dr. Jewell.

Edith with the Tanaka lab members
Edith performing an experiment: plasmid extraction
Edith with her colleagues and supporters
Edith with her thesis committee members, from right, Drs. Roberts, Shelden, and Suarez