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Biological Systems Engineering Juming Tang, Ph.D.

Professional Services


  • Invited speech on Current and Emerging Technologies in Fruit and Vegetable Processing, PepsiCo Fruit and Vegetable Research and Innovation Summit (2008, 2009, 2010).
  • RF Drying Technology for Low Oil Potato Chips, Fritolay, TX (2007)
  • Developing a commercial process to produce sulphite-free dehydrated diced apples, Scotian Gold Co-operative Limited, Kentville, NS, Canada (1993-94).
  • Advising the plant manager about UF systems
  • for apple juice clarification in preparation for a new plant installation, Allens Food Industries Inc., Wolfville, NS, Canada (1993-1994).
  • Evaluating apple juice extracting and clarification processes, Industries Lassonde Inc., Quebec, Canada (jointly with Dr. R.A. Speers) 1993-1994.
  • Evaluating products and processes of a freeze drying plant, Cobi Foods Inc., Aliments Cobi, Inc., Oakville, ON, Canada (1992).


  • Associate Editor, J. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, Food & Process Engineering Institute of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (2000-present).
  • Associate Editor, Transactions of the ASAE, Food & Process Engineering Institute of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (2000-present).
  • Editorial Board Member, Advances in Agricultural Science and Technology Series, World Scientific Publisher, New Jersey (1998-present)
  • Contributing Editor, Advances in Agricultural Science and Technology Series Vol. 1: Advances in Bioprocessing Engineering (1998-2002).
  • Reviewer for the following technical journals (1991-present):
    • AIChE Journal
    • Applied Engineering in Agriculture
    • Agricultural Engineering Research
    • Canadian Agricultural Engineers
    • Cereal Chemistry
    • Drying Technology
    • Innovative Food Science and Technologies
    • Journal of American Society for Horticultural Science
    • Journal of Food Engineering
    • Journal of Food Process Engineering
    • Journal of Food Science
    • J. Heat and Mass Transfer
    • J. Liquid Molecules
    • J. Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy
    • Transactions of the ASAE
  • Reviewer for the following competitive grants programs (1991-present)

Juming Tang

Regents Professor;
Chair, BSYSE;
Distinguished Chair
Food Engineering
(509) 335-2140
Fax: (509) 335-2722

LJ Smith 208
Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
Pullman, Washington

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