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Biological Systems Engineering Juming Tang, Ph.D.


Microwave and Radio Frequency Thermal Processing

We explore the use of electromagnetic energy at microwave (MW) and radio frequencies (RF) in developing high-temperature-short-time thermal processes to produce high quality shelf-stable foods.  The laboratory is equipped with specialized pilot-scale RF and MW sterilizers for packaged foods, as well dielectric property systems for measurements over a wide range of frequency and temperature, and computer simulation packages to study electric field distributions. The research is supported by US Army and DoD and food companies. WSU is leading a microwave sterilization consortium that consists of several major equipment, packaging and processing companies in developing microwave sterilization protocols.

Microwave Sterilization website
Microwave Pasteurization website
Low Moisture Food Safety website


Former Research Projects

Nonchemical Disinfestations based on Electromagnetic Energy

Previously, the Tang Lab studied fundamental principles and strategies to develop postharvest quarantine and phytosanitary treatments based on MW and RF energy to control insect pest in fruits and nuts for domestic and international trade. WSU led a consortium supported by the USDA IFAFS program in this research. The consortium consisted of four USDA stations and UC Davis.

Juming Tang

Member of US National Academy of Engineering
Regents Professor
Distinguished Chair
Food Engineering
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Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
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