With the pandemic, switch to online teaching, and general chaos, I’ve been remiss in posting lab news. We’ve had some major personnel changes in the last few months.

First, thanks to Mary Macpherson, James Foss, and Garrett Reynolds for their respective contributions to the lab in the last year/year+. Mary has moved on to work with Dr. Michael Morgan at WSU Vancouver. James is pursuing business interests, and Garrett is now a student in the WSU PharmD program.

Second, welcome to Rikeem Sholes and Susannah Schloss!

Rikeem is a Fish Biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Starting in January 2021 Rikeem will also join our lab as a PhD student through the School of Biological Sciences. We’re excited for Rikeem to join the lab and contribute his expertise in salmon biology as he also gains new skills and research experience – a great partnership.




Susannah is a post-bac student in the Neuroscience program and the new manager of our zebrafish facility. She plans to pursue a PhD in neurodegenerative disease.