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Prospective Students

I am not accepting students at this time, although I’m always happy to meet with you if you would like to learn about future opportunities in the lab.  I want students that are fascinated by the cellular underpinnings of hearing. Students will conduct experiments that both inform our fundamental understanding of hearing and contribute to biomedical science by offering therapies to possibly prevent hearing loss. Graduate student applicants should have a background in neuroscience, biology, or biochemistry. Undergraduate students majoring in neuroscience are given preference but all majors are welcome.

I’m looking for students with scientific curiosity, a strong work ethic and the ability to work both independently and with a team. I’m also looking for fun people that will contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of the lab.

If you want to participate in cutting-edge sensory neuroscience research on a beautiful campus, look over my research (both on my website and in my recent papers) and drop me a line! In your email, tell me why you want to work in my lab. It doesn’t hurt to propose a project, just so I can see your thought process and interests. Please also include your C.V. Your C.V. should list your GPA, educational background, relevant coursework, and previous research experience. Graduate student applications should also include GRE scores.