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Science Communication

Communication takes more than intact hair cells.  While my research centers around protecting hair cells and preserving hearing, I have a broader interest in communication: how do we talk to each other to share our message?  I am particularly interested in how scientists communicate, both with other scientists and with public audiences. I teach presentation workshops for students and postdocs and I blog (somewhat irregularly!) at Communicatalyst about science communication. Please contact me at allison.coffin [at] if you would like to schedule a workshop for your group.


Aligning with my interests in science communication, I’m the President of Science Talk, a non-profit organization that conducts annual science communication conferences and regular workshops. Our next conference is April 4-5, 2019 at the Tiffany Center in Portland, OR. Sign up to join our mailing list.


Toastmasters International offers terrific opportunities to improve communication (and leadership) skills in a fun and supportive environment.  I’ve been a member of Toastmasters for over 10 years and I credit this organization with my current success and my continuing desire to improve. Our local Salmon Speakers Toastmasters Club is a great place for students and community members to practice their communication skills.  Stop by any Monday night at the Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. We meet at 7:00 in the 6th floor conference room, and guest are always welcome.

If you’re a scientist looking for an opportunity to share your science with a wider audience, or part of that “wider audience” eager to learn about science from someone that will talk to you rather than over you, here are a few public science series with exemplary communicators: