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The Coffin Lab includes postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, research technicians, undergraduate students, and high school interns. Everyone works together to advance our understanding of the cellular basis of hearing and to develop protective therapies.

Allison Coffin

Allison Coffin, PhD

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

allison.coffin [at]


Dr. Kristy Lawton

Kristy Lawton, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Alexandria Hudson

Alexandria (Camino) Hudson, BS

PhD student in Neuroscience

Dyana Novicio

Dyana Novicio, BS

Lab manager

Abby Jiang

Abby Jiang

Intern, Camas High School

Gavin Lockard

Gavin Lockard, BS

Research Technician

Regina Tsay

Regina Tsay, BS

Research Technician

Jordan Donaldson

Jordan Donaldson, BS

Research Technician

Sofia Grande



Sofia Grande

Undergraduate researcher, Biology