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Ever left a concert with your ears ringing? Ever clearly heard the music coming from someone’s earbuds…when that person is sitting across the room? We love loud music, but that passion often comes with a price – hearing loss. The Coffin Lab, together with Broader Impacts Productions, is launching a new project to develop a video about hearing loss in the music industry and the dangers of loud music for industry professionals and fans alike.  We aren’t asking you to stop enjoying your favorite music (we sure do!), but instead to protect your hearing while you rock out.

Want to get involved? We are seeking sponsors to support the project and musicians/industry professionals interested in being interviewed. Please contact Allison Coffin (allison.coffin [at] or Kelli Rule (kelli.rule [at] for more information.

Thanks to our current video sponsors 64Audio, Widex, and Sono ProTech!