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Coffin Lab members accepted to professional school!

Congratulations to lab manager Beija Villalpando on her acceptance to multiple medical schools! Beija is still weighing her options before selecting the right school for her. Congratulations are also in order to former lab member Nicki Smith, who was recently accepted to Physician’s Assistant school at OHSU. Best of luck to both women in their careers as health care professionals.

Welcome Dr. Lawton!

The Coffin Lab welcomes Dr. Kristy Lawton, who joined the lab July 1st as a postdoctoral fellow. Kristy will study the cellular mechanisms of noise-induced hearing loss, supported by an R21 grant from the NIDCD.

Support Erin’s Veterans hike!

Congratulation to Erin Cooper for completing her neuroscience B.S. this month! Erin is a four-tour combat Veteran embarking on a new adventure; hiking for science. This summer, Erin will lead a group of Veterans on a hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Along the way she will collect saliva samples to examine stress hormones and other biochemical elements in their hiking group. Long-term, Erin wants to pursue a PhD in neuroscience, with a focus on understanding how hiking and other extreme exercise can help Veterans suffering from TBI and PTSD. Visit Erin’s Gofundme site to support her hike and research efforts!