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Lab members present at the 2016 ARO meeting

Coffin lab members Phil Uribe (grad student),  Alex Young (research technician),  Beija Villalpando and Robby Boney (undergraduates), and  Anna Roche (high school intern) presented their work at the 2016 mid-winter meeting of the Association for Research in OtolaryngologySlide1. WSU Vancouver had an outstanding showing at this international conference, with 13 faculty, staff, and students attending from 3 labs.

Anna Roche wins Southwest Washington Science and Engineering Fair!

Anna sw sef Feb2016Congratulations to high school intern Ms. Anna Roche for her top finish at the regional Science and Engineering Fair on Feb 27th. Anna presented her research demonstrating that flavonoids extracted from the Ginkgo biloba plant damage zebrafish hair cells by inducing oxidative stress in those cells. Anna moves on to compete in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Arizona this May.  We wish Anna good luck at ISEF!

Hatchery visit

alex at coho hatchery

We’re studying the effect of aquatic pollutants on fish sensory systems, including a collaboration with Drs. John Stark and Jennifer McIntyre at the WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center. As part of this project, technician Alex Young visited the Grovers Creek salmon hatchery in Poulsbo, WA to harvest embryonic coho salmon.

Phil Uribe presents at Velo Cult

Phil at VelocultPhD student Phil Uribe entertained a packed house on Oct 29th at Velo Cult bike shop in Portland, sponsored by NW Noggin.  Phil helped the audience understand how we hear, and how we lose our hearing, complemented by an audience participation hair cell dance and visual art by PSU student Kimberly Cordray.  Get all the details here!

Lab at Velocult

Welcome new graduate students!

A big Coffin Lab welcome to Ms. Tamasen Hayward and Ms. Alexandria Camino, new M.S. students in the School of Biological Sciences at WSU. Ms. Camino is supported by diversity supplement funds from the NIH.

Lab members moving on

Meghal and Matthew going-awayLab members leaving?  Time to celebrate…with lunch.  Good luck to Matthew Kruger at the University of Maine and to Meghal Sheth at Washington University St. Louis.  We’ll miss you!

Congratulations to Matthew Kruger, MS!

Slide1Congratulations to Matthew Kruger, MS in Zoology, who successfully defended his thesis entitled, “NATURAL COMPOUNDS PROTECT ZEBRAFISH LATERAL LINE SENSORY HAIR CELLS FROM AMINOGLYCOSIDE TOXICITY.” We wish Matthew the best of luck on his cross-country journey as he starts his PhD at the University of Maine.