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Postdoctoral Researchers

Deepak Patil
Post-doc Researcher
Now Research Associate at New Mexico Highland University                                 
Graduate Students

Jamie Weaver
Graduate with PhD Chemistry
Now Post-doc at NIST
Brian Riley
Graduate with PhD MSE
Now staff scientist at PNNL   
Junghune Nam
Graduate with MS MSE
Ke Xu
Graduate with PhD MSE
Yue Cao
Graduate with PhD MSE
Now Materials Engineer at MTI Corp.
José Marcial
Graduate with PhD MSE
Now Post-doc at WSU
Saehwa Chong
Graduate with PhD MSE
Now Post-doc at Notre Dame
Undergraduate Students

Cassandra Steffen
Graduate with BS CivilEng
Now Civil Engineer at Davido Consulting Group
Mahmood Abusamha
Graduate with BS ME & MSE
Now Sales Engineer at Long Building Technology
Emily Allen
Undergrad student ME
Erik Fergerstrom
Graduate with BS MSE
Now Application Engineer at ASCO Power Technologies
Joey Kabel
Graduate with BS MSE
Now grad student
at UC Berkeley
Jacob Peterson
Graduate with BS ChemEng
Now Scientist at PNNL


Highschool  Students

Camila Romero
High school Student