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Josiah Lere-Adams

About me

My name is Arumala Josiah Lere-Adams. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Physics-with-Electronics from Crawford University, Nigeria, where I have lived for most of my life. I am master’s Student studying for a degree in Materials Science and Engineering under the supervision of Dr. John McCloy. My current research focuses on size-dependent magnetic properties of magnetic glass ceramics which are crystallized via heat treatment techniques. I utilize characterization techniques (X-ray Diffractometry and Magnetometry) to identify desirable phases with optimum magnetic parameters. My early interest in all-things-materials was piqued by the ubiquity of matter and the amazing structure-property principle that governs the Materials world. This tickles my fancy for understanding nature from first principles. I enjoy Hymnal, choral and instrumental music. You will find me either at the piano or bowing my violin in my free time.