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Julio Zamora

About me

I received my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at University of California, Davis. Under Dr. Jesus Velazquez within the UC Davis Chemistry department, I took part in conducting water remediation research via the selective removal of organic pollutants using robust functionalized hydrophobic mesoporous metal oxide membranes. I’m a fellow Ronald E. McNair Scholar Alumni and currently a Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Needs (GAANN) Fellowship Scholar. Current PhD research interest are focused towards various novel binder free multi-dimensional bimetallic transition metal sulfides as sulfur host cathodes and solid-state composite polymer/metal organic framework electrolyte towards improving ionic conductivity and reduce shuttle effect within lithium sulfur (Li-S) battery technology. The goal of this research is to construct non-flammable, environmentally benign Li-S battery systems with promising rate cycling performance and high energy density for various energy storage applications.