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PMC MicroMag 2900/3900 VSM

A vibrating sample magnetometer or VSM is a scientific instrument that measures magnetic properties. Sample’s magnetic moment/magnetization, estimated by the change of the induced voltage in the pickup coil, is continuously recorded while the applied magnetic field is changing. The applied magnetic field is measured using a Hall effect probe.

The PMC MicroMag 2900/3900 is made by Lake Shore Cryotronics. The maximum applied magnetic field can reach 2.2 T. Samples can be bulk, powders, thin film or liquids. Our VSM system is coming with high temperature oven (~1000K) and cryostat accessory (~4.2K). Plenty of magnetic measurements can be performed:

(some primary measurements are listed)

  • Major hysteresis loop
  • Minor hysteresis loop
  • First order reversal cruve
  • Magnetic anisotropy measurement
  • Sample demegetization
  • Isothermal remanent magnetization

Manual [click here]