On the left is a meal that has just exited the microwave tunnel. As the steam condenses, a vacuum is created.

Packaging World  |  August 18, 2017

When Knut Lillenau took over his father’s dairy farm in Sweden in 2000, he probably would not have predicted that by 2017, his business would have transformed into the second largest producer of chilled ready meals in the country. Moving from dairy cows to beef cows, and then establishing a café and food store, Knut and his wife, Christina Jonsson-Lillenau, found themselves in need of a solution to utilize the non-prime pieces of beef from their cows and reduce food waste at their restaurant. What they found was an in-pack microwave cooking and pasteurization method from Micvac  that allowed them to serve fresh, nutritious food at their café anytime, expand their menu, and bring their ready meals to the retail market. [continue reading]

Source: New microwave pasteurization line fuels Swedish food producer’s success | Packaging World