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About the Center

Center Structure

Five focus areas support the center’s research objectives.

Center of Excellence Research Objectives

Research Objectives

The focus areas above will ensure the research objects below are met.

  1. Conduct engineering studies to optimize design and assist in scaling-up of MW assisted pasteurization (MAPS) and sterilization (MATS) systems
  2. Develop and validate MAPS processes for selected food products for FDA FSMA compliance and develop protocols for regulatory filing
  3. Evaluate, improve and maximize the quality of MAPS and MATS processed foods
  4. Design and develop polymeric packages for MAPS and MATS processed foods
  5. Conduct accelerated storage and sensory studies for MAPS and MATS processed foods
  6. Conduct economic analysis to assess the costs and benefits of adopting MAPS technology by food processing companies
  7. Study energy and water usage in MATS and MAPS operations, evaluate environmental impact
  8. Assist food processing companies to develop food formulations for MAPS and MATS processing, develop and validate processes, and file for FDA and USDA FSIS acceptance
  9. Disseminate knowledge via short-courses, certificate programs, and web based media
  10. Prepare the next generation of leaders trained in food safety technologies and implementation.