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Industrial Microwave Alliance

Mission Statement: Accelerate Technology Transfer of Microwave Based food safety through Engineering, Packaging, Nutrition, Regulatory, and Consumer Research

  • Advance: Innovation, technology transfer, and adoption
  • Support: Product and process development for emerging technology
  • Explore: Nutrition, Food Quality, and recipe development
  • Facilitate: Regulatory filing procedure discussions
  • Evolve: Consumer studies and economic analysis

Alliance Objectives:

  • Liaise with and leverage resources from industry, government agencies, universities, R&D institutions and other entities to accelerate innovation, technology transfer and adoption of MW based food safety processes and technologies.
  • Create industry awareness, confidence and adoption of MW Heating food safety processes for sterilization and pasteurization purposes globally.
  • Develop and promote accessible roadmaps, standards and specifications relating to critical technology advancements and regulatory acceptance of the MW Heating processes.
  • Reduce technical and regulatory hurdles associated with adoption
  • Oversee and support the evolution of the service eco-system for the new processes globally

Alliance Benefits

  • Participate in Annual Meeting and give input on alliance priorities to steer the direction of research activities
  • Free attendance for one individual per year at scheduled Boot Camp and 20% discount for additional attendees
  • Ability to participate on planned committees
  • Close connections to researchers with early access to the latest research findings
  • Discounts on lab time and recipe development work with member labs
  • Access to member only database and knowledge transfer resources/tools.
    • Recipes // Packaging // Dielectric Properties // Energy Data // Regulatory Submissions
  • Priority scheduling of service requests from the Center including access to pilot plant facilities, testing labs (packaging, material, sensory, food quality, dielectric property), and others.


Fund Allocation

  • Supplement research focus areas as defined and prioritized by alliance members
  • Gap funds to address high priority, emerging projects
  • Aid in supporting staff involved in research and management of center activities
  • Assist to fund external consultants to enhance current research and attend yearly conference